Top 6 Things to carry for Kedarkantha trek

Top 6 things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek

Make a list of “Things to carry for Kedarkantha trek” as the trek offers a variety of trails and a significant decrease in temperature. Keeping all the necessities in account would make it easier for all the trekkers.

Kedarkantha trek is among the best treks of India in winter. The peak is 12500 ft. above sea level and offers a majestic sunrise view ideal for trekkers. Being situated at a high altitude and covered with snow, there are certain things that you as a trekker need to keep in mind while planning for this trek.

Compared to other easy treks, Kedarkantha offers trails requiring specific items to carry along or rent before starting the trek. So here in this blog, you will find the list of all those items that can help make your trekking experience better, not a headache. Without any further delay, let’s directly jump onto the list of things to carry for the Kedarkantha trek.

All the necessary things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek

1. Trekking Shoes

Trekking Shoes, things to carry for kedarkantha trek

The first and foremost important thing to carry is trekking shoes. The variety of trails requires shoes that can help you maintain a decent grip while you are trekking. There are a variety of trekking shoes that you can choose to buy depending on your budget. However, do not buy snow boots as most travel companies offer spikes for the snow trail.

Instead of going for snow boots get better trekking shoes, that will help you in the long run apart from this trek. There are many renowned brands for trekking shoes out of which you can choose as per your budget. Decathlon and Wildcraft are two major players in this category.

2. Clothes

Important clothes to carry for kedarkantha trek

Being in a tropical country, each state has different weather and temperature. However, the trek offers temperatures that can go down to -20 degrees at night. So it is advised to carry multiple layers for each trek day. Here is the list of important clothes to carry for this trek:

  • Thermals/ warmers
  • Jackets
  • Dry-fit T-shirts
  • Socks (winter and normal)

These four things are necessary to survive in the temperature and the conditions this trek offers. This is just the list of necessary items. People like me who feel cold can carry winter caps or balaclavas.

While trekking the body will get warmer, but whenever you are resting or after completing the day’s trek, these clothes will help you in keeping the body warm.

3. Hot and cold water bottles

Kedarkantha Trek

Water will be your saviour throughout the trek. Mountain sickness or altitude sickness is one of the major issues that trekkers face due to acclimatisation. Drinking enough water will keep your body hydrated and help you with issues like dizziness or nausea.

Now that you know the importance of water in this trek, there is a catch that makes it essential to carry hot and cold water bottles. Due to heavy snow, the sources of water are limited and offer bone-chilling water which most of us would find difficult to drink. Carrying these bottles will help you carry warm water during the trek.

4. Power Banks

This is important for all the influencers and photography enthusiasts. The entire trek will not have any electricity and even in Sankri village, the electricity is not regular. So keeping your electronics charged would become an issue. Instead of carrying chargers, try and carry as much power as you can.

During our trek, we carried power banks with more than 50,000 mAh battery. However, with the temperature the battery kept decreasing even when kept idle. So be well prepared for the battery issue.

Other essential items to carry or rent at Sankri Village

5. Headlamps

Trekking essential for Kedarkantha Trek

With no electricity and a midnight trek on the summit day, it is necessary to carry headlamps for safety and visibility in the tough terrain. The trek to the summit usually starts at 2-3 AM in the night and by the time you see sunlight, you will be at the summit. You will be covering the most difficult path during the night, so it is important to be well-prepared for it.

Headlamps usually cost 250-300 rupees if you purchase them, while you can also rent them in Sankri village. I would recommend you buy it as the cost roughly would be the same for renting and purchasing.

6. Trekking poles/ sticks

Kedarkantha summit

Trekking poles or sticks are one of the necessary things to carry for Kedarkantha trek. For people who consider themselves clumsy, it is a must for them to carry it. The terrain includes rocks, steep inclines and snow, for which having additional support can be great.

You can rent sticks in Sankri Village or purchase them from any renowned brand. The sticks are very cheap and you can get them for 50-100 rupees for your entire trek. So instead spending 1000 bucks on poles and sticks would be a waste if you are not a regular trekker.

Concluding the list of top 6 things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is considered the best place to trek during winter and the recent snowfall has changed the entire landscape. It is pure bliss for peace seekers and mountain lovers. I would recommend you to experience the beautiful trek and its adventurous journey till the summit. The above-shared list will help you in making your trek easier and less stressful.

Being fully prepared for every circumstance makes the trip memorable and stress-free. So carry all the important things and enjoy your trek to the Kedarkantha summit. I hope that this blog has helped you with the list of important things. If you have any other concerns or doubts about the trek, do let me know in the comments section or reach out to me on Instagram. I would be happy to help you with that. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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