The Guide to Suzuki Bikes: From Commuters to Thrill-Seekers

Suzuki Bikes in India

In 2004, when John Abraham rode the Suzuki Hayabusa in Dhoom. It changed how we used to pursue bikes in India. Today riding bikes has become more like a habit than being few riders desires. The Indian automobile market is one of the biggest brands worldwide trying to capture the market.

Similar is the case with Suzuki, back in 2006 Suzuki entered its third identity specifically for two-wheelers. After 17 years in the market, the brand has delivered some of the most versatile machines for thrill seekers and daily commuters. However, there are still doubts about the brand’s reliability and performance.

The market is growing every quarter and every brand is competing to impact each segment irrespective of their past performance. So have been the efforts of Suzuki in the Indian market. In this blog, we will be sharing information about the Suzuki bikes lineup and reviews by the owners to help you know everything about the bikes of Suzuki.

History of Suzuki Bikes in India

In 1984, Suzuki joined hands with TVS for 100cc motorcycle production. That was the first time we got to know Suzuki. The collaboration between these brands showed positive results and soon the brands adopted an aggressive strategy for the market.

In 1992, TVS Suzuki added 5 new bikes to the list including Supra, Supra SS, Shogun, Samurai and Shaolin. The market was growing and the strategy for both brands worked quite well. The company made a turnover of Rs. 4.1 billion and was the second largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India after Hero Honda.

But, In 1996 the conflicts between both companies started to grow and it turned out that they broke up in the year 2001.

Suzuki New Bikes Introduced in Indian Markets

To make an impact on the market and improve its market, Suzuki introduced their high-capacity motorcycles in the market. However, that would not help the brand to survive in the marketing where the majority of two-wheelers fall under the daily commuter segment.

Till now, Suzuki is trying to adapt as per the market requirements and introduce bikes that would be successful. Suzuki’s Gixxer and Access 125 has been the pillar that helped the brand sustain itself in the Indian Market.
Now with changing tastes and increasing segments in India. Suzuki has introduced some of the best Adventure and touring bikes in India. So without any further ado, let’s check out the Suzuki bike list in India.

Suzuki Bike in India

As of June 2023, Suzuki India has 8 models in the market and is planning to introduce 12 new models in the Indian market under various segments. We will be talking about the 5 models under 3 lakh that have helped Suzuki in sustaining the market.

Suzuki Bikes Under 2 Lakh

Suzuki Gixxer 150

Suzuki’s saviour in the Indian market is the Gixxer series which was introduced in 2015. The standard version of the bike cost 1.35 lakh ex-showroom offering 64 Kmpl. The bike produces 14.1 PS @8000 rpm with 14.0 NM @6000 rpm torque.

The Gixxer 150 comes with 4 strokes, single-cylinder, and Air-cooled engine making it an ideal bike for daily commutes and short rides. Considering the Indian audience, the height of the bike is kept low so even riders with a height of 5.6 feet can also easily manage to handle the bike. Also, the upright position of the bike makes it ideal for continuous riding without straining the back and forearms.

Suzuki Gixxer SF 150

Considering the market depth and demand. Suzuki has thoughtfully introduced the second variant in the Gixxer series which was the faired one. The SF series is priced at 2,000 extra for some minor changes overall.

Compared to the naked Gixxer, the SF offers better performance on the highways and deflects the wind. The SF series has two versions comprising the Moto GP Edition and the Standard version. Depending on the preference one can choose out of the two. Both versions have the same engine and performance tuning. The changes can be seen in the out body colour and graphics.

The SF series engine produces 13.6 PS power @8000 rpm with 13.8 NM torque @6000 rpm. Compared with the Naked version the number has dropped. Though it still stays on the top when it comes to highway riding. The comfortable position offered being a faired version is very rare to find.

Suzuki Bikes Under 3 Lakh

Under 3 lakh is a small bracket, though still, the competition in this range is pretty high. There are many rival brands of motorcycles already in the market including KTM’s Duke and RC, TVS Apache RTR 310, Bajaj Pulsar series and BMW 310 series.

This segment majorly has 200+ CC bikes which are considered ideal for both commuting and travel. Let’s take a look at the Suzuki Bike India under 3 lakh.

Suzuki Gixxer 250

Observing the market trends and the success of the Gixxer series, Suzuki rolled out the 250 CC version of these motorcycles. The Gixxer 250 in particular is continuing to drive the sales of Suzuki in this segment too.

The Gixxer 250 comes in two versions including the standard and ride connect editions. Ride Connect is great for riders who are looking out for a travel-centric motorcycle. With the Suzuki application, riders can avail of various information about the bike and can play around with it. While on the other hand standard version does not offer any connectivity option.

The connectivity option makes the difference and so does the price. The Standard version is available at 1.81 lakh, while the Ride Connect Edition is priced at 1.95 lakh ex-showroom.

Both bikes have the same engine which produces 26.5 PS power @9300 rpm and 22.2 NM torque @7300 rpm. The seat height is kept at 800 mm which makes it ideal for anyone taller than 5.7 feet.

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250

SF is the faired version offering similar power and torque as the Gixxer 250. Almost every spec in the bike is similar to the sibling. However, the faired version deflects the wind better which is why it clocks a top speed of 150kmph.

The SF variant comes with various options including standard, MotoGP, Race Edition and Ride Connect. The pricing starts from 1.88 lakh and goes to 2.05 lakh.

Suzuki V-Storm SX 250

The performance of the Suzuki bikes in India was not so impressive as compared to the competitors. KTM was introducing different versions in the adventure segment and similarly, Hero caught the attention of the newcomers. Suzuki had to think about an addition to the lineup. That’s what they did.

The Suzuki V-Storm 250 is the younger sibling of the V-Storm 650 which was hit worldwide. The bike offers 249 CC which produces 26.1 bhp and 22.2 NM torque. The great suspension and braking make V-Storm an ideal adventure motorcycle. However, as compared to the competitor the price of this motorcycle is a bit high. The ex-showroom price of V-Storm SX is 2.13 lakh.

Final Words

The market is getting deeper for the two-wheeler segment, and so are the brands. Suzuki has been in the Indian market for more than 4 decades, but the negative brand image and late entry into the market are still hitting the brand pretty hard. With the new entries of motorcycles, the brand has proved its reliability.

Will Suzuki excel with their upcoming model or will Gixxer be their forever survivor? Let us know. Thank you so much for reading this blog. To keep yourself updated with automotive and travel content, subscribe to our newsletter and never miss any updates.