Complete Moto Vlogging Setup Guide for beginners

Moto vlogging is a new profession for car and bike enthusiasts. Even if most people don’t follow it as their profession, they do it out of passion for recording videos and capturing memories. To capture the best shots from the best angles, there are a few things that one might have to have. With this blog, I will help you with all the necessary gadgets that you need for your moto vlogging setup.

I will be listing down the generic terms for the equipment and my recommendation. Based on your budget you can choose to make a purchase and start your moto vlog channel or record videos for your memories. So without any further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the world of recording while driving/ riding.

What is a Moto Vlog?

moto vlogging setup guide

Just like a Biopic is a film depiction of the character’s life, similarly moto vlog is a depiction or the film of a person driving and riding. Unlike what the majority of the audience assumes, the POV and narration are not only the form of a moto vlog. It can be anything related to the ride and drive without even narrating about the journey.

The only thing that matters is it should have the person driving or riding with their vehicle. So for all those who wish to start a Moto vlogging channel but are stuck due to a lack of confidence or lack of equipment, then my friend you might be in the wrong direction.

This was the simplest meaning that I can share. Hope that was helpful, now let’s look at the equipment that you need for vlogging while riding or driving.

Equipment required for motovlogging setup

Some vloggers use tons of gadgets and produce quality content, but for a person who is starting fresh. It is not necessary to invest your household money into a profession that you think might get you success. Try planning your expenses and purchases, create a list of all the desired gadgets that you need and set a milestone for each gadget. After completing the milestone go for it as you have earned that.

Camera Options for moto vlogging setup

The camera is the most important part of your journey. Based on your budget you can choose from the following options:

Action Camera

Action camera for moto vlogging

Most versatile and viable gadget to use while riding as it is compact and can be attached at any point in your helmet or vehicle. However, the premium action cameras deliver the ideal output. So before choosing any newly launched or budget-friendly action camera. Do complete research on output and versatility.

I have shared a blog on the best action camera, do check it out for clarity.


DSLR for moto vlogging setup

Digital cameras or DSLRs are great for capturing high-quality videos and photos. The only downside with it is that the DSLRs are heavy and require space to carry. Also, unlike action cameras they cannot be mounted easily on the helmet or motorcycle for great moving shots.

Ideally, the DSLR will help you with the cinematic shots while you are in a scenic place or have taken a halt. (When starting, it is less important to buy.)


Drones for moto vlogging

Drones are again one of the best camera options to have for capturing your journey through the bird’s eye view. However, there are multiple complications when going for drones. If you are solely dependent on drone footage, then I should share with you that flying a drone requires a license and in some areas, it is prohibited to fly a drone.

Some might fly without a license, but having it is better than getting caught and paying the penalty. (Initial days, it is not advised to invest in drones as the cost is very high)

Mobile Phone

moto vlogging using phone

Mobile Phones are the most accessible gadget that everyone has. With technological advancement, the cameras have improved which can be used initially for moto vlogging.

Having an additional mount for the phone would be required and do check the durability of the mount as Mobile is an important thing for everyone. Also, there have been cases where police were caught vlogging and making videos through the phone. So if something similar has happened in your area, refrain from choosing a mobile phone for your motovlogging setup.

Camera mounts for moto vlogging setup

Now that the recording part of the vlogging setup is complete, it is time to get a few mounts that can help you take better-angle shots for the final video. Here is a list of some mounts that you can choose.

  • Helmet mount
  • Bike mount
  • Selfie stick or tripod

With cameras and mounts, you can easily shoot great videos for your audience. However, if you plan to narrate while recording then having a microphone is a must as the camera mic might get wind noise and disturbance. My recommendation would be to go for a Lapel Mic.

If you have budget constraints, then you can start using your wired earphones as a mic and mount it in your helmet. I have seen many vloggers doing it and have great audio quality. So for all those who are going towards a budget setup, having earphones as a mic can be a great cost-saving option.

Winding up the guide for moto vlogging setup

Starting moto vlogging can take lakhs and even thousands. It is up to you whether you can afford that much expense initially. I have listed all the required gadgets that you can use to start a moto vlog. However, with time you can add other essential gadgets that can improve the quality of your content.

I hope this blog helped you with all your doubts related to the motovlogging setup. If I missed something, please do let me know to include and if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the setup. Feel free to reach out or drop a comment below. Thanks for reading! Ride safe.

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