Kasar Devi’s Scientific and Spiritual beliefs

Are you looking for a place to chill and spend some time meditating? I guess Kasar Devi is the best option for you. 

Being on the list of places where a magnetic field is recorded and having significant spiritual beliefs makes it an ideal place for all devotees and science lovers. It offers a great scenic view to round everything up. Now that tourists across the globe visit this place, it has great stay and food options as well. So whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a long trip to nearby places, you can include Kasar Devi in your itinerary.

This blog will uncover all the facts about Kasar Devi in Uttarakhand and make your next weekend getaway filled with adventure and positivity. So without any further ado, let’s uncover all the facts step by step. Let’s first understand the place. 

Brief about Kasar Devi

Kasar Devi Almora

Kasar Devi is a small village in Almora district of Uttarakhand which is easily reachable by road. Delhi to Kasar Devi is roughly 8 hour’s drive covering 261 km. The terrain is moderately difficult, so every driver who has prior experience of riding in mountains can easily make it to the destination. 

Kasar Devi as the name suggests is famous due to the Kasar Devi temple which has both spiritual and scientific beliefs. The place became popular after two major incidents in history including Swami Vivekananda meditation in 1890 and the hippie movement in the 1960s.

 To date, the place has gained popularity among tourists from across places in India and the rest of the world. The global recognition by NASA has made the place popular outside the country. 

Now let unfold the beliefs about this place in detail

Scientific Research 

Kasar Devi Temple

In 2013, NASA scientists visited Kasar Devi to study the unique phenomenon. The geographical location of Kasar Devi is over the Van-Alan belt. As per the research, there are only 6 places with strong electromagnetic fields. The list includes Machu Picchu in Peru, the ancient Stonehenge in England, Serbia, the South Pole, the North Pole and Kasar Devi. 

Spiritual Beliefs

Kasar Devi temple is one of the ancient temples of goddess Durga in Almora district. The belief is that the goddess Kaushiki Devi slayed demons Shumbh and Nishumbh. While the traces can be seen in the rock inside the temple. According to the priest (Pandit Ji), the stone has a lion’s face engraved which is considered sacred vahan (vehicle) of goddess Durga. 

Stays and cafes at Kasar Devi

Since Kasar Devi is famous for its scientific and religious beliefs, it has gained popularity among tourists from across the globe. The result of which there are ample stay and cafe options available at the place. Some of my recommendations for the stay would be ZenOaks- a quiet place with great hospitality and GoStops- the places seemed to be great and are near the temple. For backpackers, it can be a great option to stay within the budget. 

Few cafes offer great ambience and food. Some of my recommendations would be Mohan’s Cafe, Satya’s and The Hobbit House. 


View from Kasar Devi

For weekend getaways, this can be a great place to stay and relax. For people in the North side of the country, it is very easily reachable. The view from the temple is just great. It adds up to the positivity, even an atheist can feel positive with the view and peace offered at the hilltop. I would recommend exploring this small village whenever you are planning a trip to the Almora district or further. 

Also, read about the magical saviour god Golu Devta, who helped the devotees with their legal issues and in return the devotees offered bells to the temple.


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