5 Best Helmets Under 5000

Choosing the best helmets in India can be tough as today many brands offer great quality certified helmets. To help you with this confusion I will share some of the best options that will help you in making easy decisions for safety and value for money.

Best Helmets under 5000

Helmets play an integral part in the safety of the rider. Unlike old times where 400-500 rupees was enough to get a helmet. Things have changed and the prices for helmets have also increased. Today, a good quality certified helmet starts from 800 rupees and goes to lakhs.

In the past, helmets have saved the lives of riders in accidents where no one expected the rider alive. Also, the challans and penalties on helmets have gotten stricter, making people realize the importance of helmets. But the main question remains the same. Which helmet to buy for under 5000?

Worry not, as after reading this blog you will get an idea about the top-selling helmets under 5000 that would fit your budget and your requirements. So without any further ado, let’s look at the best helmets under 5000.

Best Helmets Under 5000 in India

The list can go long as there are many brands in the market that offer great-quality helmets. However, below are the top 5 options starting from the cheapest and going to 5000. So let’s take a look at the first helmet:

1. Steelbird SBA Series

Steelbird is one of the oldest Indian helmet manufacturing brands, started in 1964. Initially, it was the only trusted brand for helmets. Even after 5 decades of market presence, the helmets are great in terms of safety, pricing and design.

The SBA series is a great entry-level helmet for all beginners as it is budget-friendly. The price for this particular series stays under 2000. I have personally used this helmet for more than 2 years and can thank the helmet more.


  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • Certification: ISI Certified
  • Shell: High-impact grade engineering thermoplastic shell and EPS concussion padding
  • Visor: Transparent visor with lock

2. Axxis Segment Series

After Steelbird, Axxis is a brand that bikers should look for the best helmets in India. The quality, comfort, design and budget-friendly pricing are just perfect. I would ideally prefer this helmet if you have a budget of 3-4K.

Axxis offers a great design which makes them look premium. For bikes under 400 cc, it can definitely be an ideal brand to choose from, especially the Segment series.


  • Weight: 1.45 Kg
  • Certification: DOT and ISI certified
  • Shell: High-impact polycarbonate shell for improved strength with EPS
  • Visor: Transparent visor with pin lock and quick-release system

3. Ignyte IGN-4

Ignyte is another great option to buy. Though it is on the higher side in terms of pricing. Coming from Steelbird, the OG brand. The pricing was initially not accepted as the brand was looked at as affordable helmets.

Now, with the increasing demands on the quality, design and features. Steelbird has successfully managed to get a separate helmet subsidiary that caters to the premium audience with advanced protection and better-built quality.

The IGN-4 series looks premium and is comfortable for long rides. However, the pricing range that it fits in is very competitive and various other foreign brands are offering helmets in the same segment. So the choice eventually boils down to the buyer’s requirements and preferences.


  • Weight: 1.4 Kg
  • Certification: ISI and DOT certified
  • Shell: Polycarbonate material shell with double D rings (approved for track helmets)
  • Visor: Transparent visor with additional sun visor

These were some of the best budget-friendly helmets that bikers can go for if the budget is limited. However, if you are planning to spend around 5000 on helmets, then the next two options are the best in the market. I have personally tested these helmets and mind my word, they are value for money and best as per safety standards. So let’s take a look at the next two options on our list of best budget helmets under 5000.

4. Axor Apex Series

Axor is the ideal entry-level premium segment option for all the bikers. Every biker group has one rider with an Axor helmet. The reason is that it offers great value for money and a great design option with dual visors as well.

I have seen Venom series helmets selling like water and 2 out of 5 bikers have it. The only downside of this helmet is that the shape is a little extra for skinny-frame riders. The size might fit you well, but it will look a lot bigger than it actually is.


  • Weight: 1.4 Kg
  • Certification: ISI, ECE and DOT certified
  • Shell: Polycarbonate material shell with EPS liners and quick-release
  • Visor: Transparent visor with additional sun visor and pin lock

5. MT Hummer Series

Last up on our list of best helmets under 5000 is the MT Hummer series. By far, MT has the best helmets under 5000. The Hummer series has great graphics (offers premium looks), perfect fitting and high safety standards. Making it ideal for all the riders who prefer to travel more than just commuting in the city.

Additionally, the ventilation is also on point making it ideal for long rides without sweating or pain in the neck. The only downside of this helmet is that it does not come with a dual visor which other competitors in the same price range are offering. If you prefer to get a dual visor helmet of MT, then you might have to spend 2000 more on the other series.


  • Weight: 1.4 Kg
  • Certification: ISI, ECE and DOT certified
  • Shell: High-impact molded polycarbonate with EPS
  • Visor: Transparent visor

Concluding the List of Best Helmets Under 5000

Helmets can be a life savour for every rider. It is advised to wear a helmet and proper riding gear during your rides regardless of the distance. With tonnes of helmet options available in the market, I have tried to filter out the best 5 helmet options for you.

If you have a budget of 5000, I would recommend purchasing the MT Hummer series as it offers optimum protection and comfort for long rides. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding helmets. Do let me know in the comments section below. I would love to help you.

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