World’s first CNG bike launched by Bajaj in India

World first CNG bike launched in India by Bajaj. With the changing times and requirements of the public, Bajaj has gone adobe the expectations and delivered the most fuel-efficient and the world’s first CNG bike named Bajaj Freedom. This unique motorcycle is priced at 95,000 Indian Rupees, up to 1,10,000 Indian Rupees.

  • 125 cc air-cooled engine
  • 9.5 bhp at 8000 rpm
  • 9.7 Nm torque at 5000 rpm
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Available in Blue, Black, White, Red and Grey colour
  • Disc and drum brakes on the top variant (Drum brakes on the base variant)
Bajaj CNG bike

The Bajaj CNG bike in India is unique in its offering as it costs 1.5 rupee/kilometer running cost or even less in some states(The data is based on the average price of CNG which is around 91 rupees and petrol price of rupees 106/liter). With the rising petrol costs and the requirement of every household. Bajaj has come up with an innovative bike in their lineup, which is a great option for buyers looking for a budget-friendly motorcycle with great mileage.

The Bajaj CNG bike is priced at 95,000 Indian rupees for a 125 cc Drum version. The company has offered a total of three variants which offer Drum brakes with LED light setup priced at 1.05 lakh rupees and Disc Brakes with LED light setup at 1.10 lakh rupees.

The bike has been engineered perfectly to fit the CNG cylinder as well as the petrol tank without compromising the safety of the rider. The bike fits a 2 kg CNG cylinder below the seat while a 2-litre petrol tank is at the usual position. The position of the CNG tank makes the bike special as it covers the tank with a strong frame and pressure monitor which enhances safety.

Additionally, Bajaj has tested the bike with 11 different tests before launching it into the market. You as a buyer might feel the risk of riding, but the company has ensured optimum safety even in the worst of the conditions. The bike had been run over by a fully loaded truck to test the safety and shockingly there was no effect to the tank or the pressure.

Looks and Design of the Bajaj CNG bike

CNG bike in India

The Bajaj Freedom is a modern yet retro-looking motorcycle that gives a flashback of Bajaj’s CT 100 from some angles. However, the modern-looking LED headlight and the alloy wheels make it more modern and adaptable to today’s market trends. The bike comes in different colours as well as variants which offer the riders a variety of choices.

Features of Bajaj Freedom

Bajaj CNG bike price

The Bajaj’s Freedom, the only CNG bike packs loads of notable features making it an ideal pick for under 1.10 lakh rupees. Apart from the stylish design and modern-looking body, it packs some of the best features in class. Here are some of the features of the Bajaj CNG bike:

Longest seat in the segment offering optimum comfort and seating for maximum people.
The bike comes with a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity making the ride hassle-free.
Monoshock at the rear and telescopic front suspension are offered with each segment which improves the overall ride quality for the rider.
The Bajaj Freedom comes with Disc/drum brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.
The top variant of the bike comes with a belly pan and tank cover enhancing the overall looks of the bike.

Specification of Bajaj Freedom

cng bike bajaj

The specifications of all three variants are more or less the same, there are no major differences in terms of specification. However, when it comes to features the top variant is very different from the base one. Here is what the bike offers:

  • 125 cc air-cooled engine
  • 9.5 bhp at 8000 rpm
  • 9.7 Nm torque at 5000 rpm
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • 149 Kg kerb weight
  • 93 kmph top speed
  • 102 kmpl mileage (CNG)
  • 17-inch front and 16-inch rear tyre

Conclusion on the latest and the world’s first CNG bike

CNG bike

The Indian automobile market has grown in terms of size and user preferences as well. The demands and reviews of the people are being considered by the companies seriously which is a great sign for customers. Companies now have initiated new designs, features and offerings based on the requirements of the users. Earlier, this was seen in the case of car manufacturers, but now Bajaj has come up with a great product that meets the customer requirement of offering a fuel-efficient two-wheeler which feels the same as a petrol bike.

With collaboration with great engineering, the company is offering a great value for money motorcycle. In my view, this bike will be a great option for people who are daily commuters and who wish to spend less on fuel. This was my view on the latest CNG bike by Bajaj. Let me know in the comment box what you think.