Triumph Speed 400 Vs Bajaj Dominar 400

Which 400 cc Motorcycle will rule the segment? Bajaj Dominar 400 or Triumph Speed 400. Let’s find out!

The Indian automobile market is changing toward greatness. Brands from across the world want to be a part of the Indian market and create products that can sustain in India. Recently Elon Musk has also stated, he will be soon setting up a manufacturing plant in India to reduce the price of cars.

We have seen this collaboration attempt by two-wheeler manufacturers. KTM was the first brand that was introduced to the Indian market by Bajaj. Now that the competition and market are growing, premium brands have shown interest in the market.

The growing interest has resulted in two big brands collaborating with Indian brands to create bikes that can sustain in the Indian market.

In this blog, you will find two brands that have collaborated but are now competing in the same segment. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the Triumph’s Speed 400 and Bajaj Dominar 400 comparison to understand what both brands have to offer.

Bajaj-Triumph bikes in India

Bajaj is one of the prominent two-wheeler manufacturers in India. Bajaj has collaborated with Triumph to manufacture the Speed 400. It has become the only manufacturer for producing bikes for 3 brands including Bajaj itself.

Bajaj taking control of manufacturing would make it a little confusing for every enthusiast on which bike should be picked. So just to clear the air, below is a brief comparison between both bikes.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs Triumph Speed 400

Bajaj has done a great job for Triumph in manufacturing a premium quality bike for a very competitive price. Both the Dominar 400 and Speed 400 stand at an ex-showroom price of 2.33 lakh.

Though there are a few key differences between these bikes, that can impact the decision-making of customers. So let’s start with the differentiation by design.


Triumph Speed 400

The Bajaj Dominar 400 when launched had a great response due to its new gen looks. However, with time and no new changes in the bike, the market has adopted other bikes in terms of looks and design.

On the other side, the Triumph Speed 400 is newly launched with a very unique design that no brand in the market offers. The neo-retro look with all the latest advancements makes it a great deal in terms of design.

Though, with ever-changing design language, the brand has to keep working to improve it for the customers. If failed, the result could be similar to the Dominar 400.

Comparing both these bikes over design won’t do justice. Though it would boil down to personal preferences. So it’s upto you whether a retro-neo or a sportier cruiser.


Bajaj Dominar 400

Now comes the main difference, the performance. Irrespective of the looks and design, performance is the key factor that would affect decision-making. Though both these bikes offer pretty similar numbers on paper.

SpecificationsTriumph Speed 400 Bajaj Dominar 400
Engine 398.15 cc373.3 cc
Power 39.5 bhp @8000 rpm 39.5 bhp @8800 rpm
Torque 37.5 Nm @6500 rpm35 Nm @6500 rpm
Gear Box6 Speed6 Speed
Mileage 28.3 Kmpl27 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 l13 l
Weight170 Kg 193 Kg

The specs of both bikes are pretty similar. However, the performance, in reality, would be different as the Triumph Speed 400 is 23 kg lighter compared to the Bajaj Dominar 400.

Pricing (On-road price Delhi)

Bajaj Dominar 400
Pricing (Delhi)Triumph Speed 400 Bajaj Dominar 400
Ex-Showroom 2,23,0002,29,781
RTO19,340 18,912
Insurance 20,56423,103
On-road Price 2,62,9042,71,296

Triumph Speed 400 has very competitive pricing that will impact the market. What are your thoughts on pricing?

Triumph Speed 400 instrument cluster

Conclusion on Triumph Speed 400 and Bajaj Dominar 400 comparison

The Bajaj-Triumph collaboration has helped customers with great bikes at the same range. No bike can be perfect for everyone, but now everyone has options to choose from. The Bajaj Dominar 400 is a heavy bike which restricted many buyers to go for it, now with Triumph Speed 400 in the market with similar specs and price. It is easier to choose.

This is all for this comparison blog, hope you found this blog helpful. If there is anything that I might have left. Do let me know in the comments section, and I will add it. Thanks for reading! Cheers.

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