Bhrigu Lake, The best trek for beginners near Manali

Bhrigu Lake Trek in Manali is one of the most underrated treks. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate trekkers. Suitable for a 2-3 day getaway in nature. 

Trekking has become a new tradition to explore nature and get some time off in nature with peace. With increasing affection towards trekking, new places are being discovered for trekking. Based on the duration, distance and difficulty, each trek’s level is marked. 

Based on your experience in trekking, you can easily opt to trek and improve your skills for trekking at different mountain peaks. Manali being the highest attraction of travellers across the nation. It offers various adventure activities for travellers in every season. There are numerous things that one can do, some of the adventurous activities which most travellers opt for are ropeway, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, zip lining and quad biking. 

Apart from the usual adventure activities in Manali, there is scope for going extreme in nature. Trekking offers an adrenaline rush in the body which makes it adventurous.

While trekking to the lake, you will witness many waterfalls. The best of all the waterfall is at the stay location of the first day. More than 7-8 waterfalls from one mountain can be seen from the tent site. The continuous flowing water and the sound of nature are what offer peace to everyone who visits Bhrigu Lake Trek. 

In this blog, we will be sharing information about the Bhrigu Lake in Manali which offer a captivating high-altitude peace for travellers and is ideal for beginners as well. Ideally, the trek is completed in 2 days. However, depending on the guide and planners it can last upto 4 days. 

How to reach Manali?

Bhrigu Lake in Manali

Kullu Manali, the most loved district of Himachal Pradesh is easy to reach irrespective of the mode of transport you are choosing. From Delhi, there are many overnight buses to reach Manali. However, for the traveller who wishes to commute by air, there is no airport in Manali. You will have to take a flight to Kullu and then travel to Manali on the road. 

The distance from the nearest airport to Manali is 50 Km. You can find cabs outside the airport, the prices for the cabs are fixed and there is no online platform for booking the cabs in Himachal Pradesh.

Once reached Manali, Gulaba is just 13 Km approx. that would take 30 min to reach. Gulaba is the starting point for the Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

View while trekking to Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake in Manali is a 26 Km long trek which would roughly take 2 days to reach the destination and trek back to Manali. With just one stop at the mesmerizing waterfall, it is just amazing to stay connected to nature. 

If you are habitual to your mobile phone and crave to post stories continuously, then disclaimer, there would be minimum network at some point. Rest majority of the trek would have no network. 

The lake is situated at a height of 14,100 ft. You will be walking through mud, waterfalls, rocky terrain and some small water streams. Also, at the higher points depending on the season, you can witness snow or slush which would make the trek even tougher. It is not recommended to trek on snow if you are a beginner. 

Brief Itinerary of Brigu Lake, Manali

The itinerary we have listed down below is for 3 days, considering the readers are beginners. If you are professional or at an intermediate level it can be covered in 2 days with ease. 

Day 1: Reach Manali and explore the nearby places like Hadimba Temple, Jogini Waterfall and the Manali market. Also, you can plan to visit Solang Valley and try some adventure activities.  

Day 2: Leave for Gulaba, your starting point for the trek. It would take 30 min to reach the start point, and then depending on the pace of walking you will reach your stay for the night near the waterfall. We went to Bhrigu Lake in July end and it took us 5-6 hours to reach our checkpoint. Our group had a mix of beginners as well as intermediate level trekkers.  

Day 3: Trek to the Lake. Trekking to the lake is easy at the beginning, while the last patch would be tough as it gets steeper and slippery due to snow and slush. However, within 3 hours you can reach the lake, have food rejuvenate in nature and leave back for Manali. While heading back to Manali would not stress much as you just to keep up with the flow.

By the evening before sunset, try and complete the trek to easily reach the hotel by night and rest. 

Major Attraction at the Bhrigu Lake in Manali

Bhrigu Lake

Bhirgu Lake has colours which keep changing with the season. With every season, travellers would witness different adventures on the trek with a variety of vegetation and landscapes. 

After reaching the Lake, witness the Himalayan ranges from 14,100 ft. in height. And see how far you have come by walking. The serene view of the lake in itself is enough for your achievement.

Essential Items for the Trek

Bhrigu Lake

Similar to all the other trek it would be challenging and would require proper shoes and attire for comfort while walking and completing the trek. Here are a few things which you should pack before leaving for Bhrigu Lake Trek. 

  1. Sports Shoes- Carrying at least 2 sports shoes is recommended. Shoes will be your life saviour as the surface would be slippery and full of mud and stones. So it is advised to have shoes with good grip. If you have trekking shoes, then nothing can beat that. Carrying two shoes is for safety purposes, as while trekking you won’t get any backup.  
  2. Multiple Socks- Carrying multiple socks will help you in cold as well as during water crossing. Having spare socks will help you stay warm and not get ill during the trek. 
  3. Medication- Carry essential medicines for the trek as there will be no signal once you are at a certain point. So keep essential medicines that would help you to either climb or head back to the city for a proper checkup. Whenever you feel anything wrong with your health, talk to your guide and ask for assistance.  
  4. Water bottle- Carry ample water as it is important to keep yourself hydrated while trekking. Also, there are multiple water streams from where you can refill your water bottles. 
  5. Raincoat- Raincoat is necessary if you are trekking during the monsoon season because mountain rain differs from what we witness in the city. It keeps raining continuously for hours, even for days. It is always better to keep yourself dry in order to maintain good health while trekking.  
  6. Chocolate/ Protein Bars- Carry some sort of snack like chocolate or protein bars that can help you get instant energy. 
Bhrigu Lake in Manali

Important Things to Consider before proceeding with the Bhrigu Lake Trek Booking

This adventurous trek is 26 Km long which would require you to be fit both physically and mentally. If you are facing any health-related issues, it is advised to postpone the trek and commence once you are in good condition. 

If you have some hereditary health condition that can affect you during the trek, carry the medication and prepare yourself. 

Buy things that can help you ease the trek. Things like shoes, raincoats, trekking bags, and synthetic/ polyester clothes. 


If you are planning to trek and explore beauty of the nature. Bhrigu Lake Trek in Manali is the best for you. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level trekkers. The best part about this trek is that it is a very budget-friendly trek. We completed this trek in 5000 from Delhi to Delhi in 5 days including 2 nights of travelling. 

Try to visit during the summers as it will offer the best landscape and easy terrain, during monsoons and winters the terrain gets a little tougher. 

That’s all for this blog, we hope that we have helped you with all the necessary information about this budget-friendly beginner trek near Manali. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop them below. We will try and help you out in every way possible. Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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