Birthi Waterfall, the biggest waterfall in Uttrakhand

Exploring beautiful waterfalls on the way to your destination is a cherry on top. Birthi waterfall is one of the places that you can explore while on the way to Munsyari. As per the itinerary shared, following the route via Almora, you will pass by the majestic waterfall before you reach Khaliya Top or Munsyari.

The waterfall is so huge that you can watch it from kilometres away. It is one of the greatest and most beautiful waterfalls that no one should miss on their way to Munsyari.

Birthi Waterfall

This blog will help you with all the information about the waterfall and what you can expect from the place. So without any further ado, let’s jump onto it and enjoy the beauty of this natural waterfall.

About Birthi Waterfall

Birthi waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Uttarakhand and Asia’s third-highest waterfall. Situated in Pithoragarh district 40-45 mins drive from Munsyari. It is a great place to be as it offers a majestic view of this 140-metre-high waterfall. The best time to visit this waterfall would be monsoon, however, as compared to other seasons, you will have to keep a safe distance from the waterfall as the water flow is at its peak.

Water sprinkling can be observed on the road which is a 10-minute walk from the waterfall, so getting near to the waterfall would be as risky as a high-tide ocean. The waterfall has been now recognised as a famous tourist spot by the government which has resulted in the development of a new viewpoint.

The viewpoint will offer a great view of the waterfall and will have some food eateries available soon. As of now, there is only one small dhaba which an old lady runs serving Maggi and tea.

Entry Fee– 20 rupees per person

Spending half an hour at this beautiful waterfall will help you refresh for the upcoming adventurous ride to Munsyari. However, there are few stay options in Birthi (if planning to stay).

Click on the link shared to get an idea about the route and easy navigation to the place Google Maps Location.