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Jibhi’s complete itinerary and top 5 places for a memorable trip

Jibhi View

Get away from the crowded hill station and enjoy the majestic beauty of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh.

Hill stations are the best place to chill and enjoy a few days away from the daily hustle. We Indians are grateful for the Himalayas to heal our souls with its majestic view and landscapes. According to me, whenever the daily routine makes you feel like giving up, head towards the mighty Himalayas and enjoy the beauty in peace. Forget the city life, just enjoy the food, view and the clear your head.

Now comes the biggest question of finding a place where you can enjoy peace, instead of a crowded atmosphere and traffic. Now with increasing popularity and population inclined towards travelling to hill station. It has become very uncommon to get peace even in the hill stations. Places like Manali, Shimla and Kasol have been on the bucket list for decades, but not anymore because of the increased footfall.

Being a peace seeker, I faced the same issue which forced me to find out a place that is less crowded and offers the peace that we seek. That’s when I found a gem in Himachal Pradesh, Jibhi.

Most of you must have heard this name for the first time, but the Tirthan valley is very famous and is known for its numerous treks. Apart from treks, there are many other attractions in this valley which makes it ideal for travellers like us. However, Jibhi being in the valley has been an offbeat place due to its separate route. Unlike all the treks that start from Tirthan Valley, Jibhi is on the opposite side of that location. Making it an ideal place for peace seekers and mountain lovers.

In this blog, I will be sharing my itinerary and the best places that you can visit next time in Himachal Pradesh’s Jibhi. Let’s first take a look at a brief about Jibhi.

Jibhi: A paradise of peace seekers

Jibhi, Tirthan Valley is situated at 1600 meters above sea level. The major attraction of Jibhi is the lush green landscape and peaceful environment. Being on the opposite side of Manali, Jibhi is less crowded making it ideal for people who wish to have a soothing and calm time in nature.

With limited transportation and stay options, you will not get luxurious stay options here. However, there are plenty of decent stays available for budget-friendly trips. Apart from the landscape and tranquillity, there are a few other major attractions that enhance the beauty of Jibhi and make the trip more exciting.

Below in this blog, I have shared some of the best attractions of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh that you can also consider including in your itinerary based on the days of stay and travel preferences.

Major Attractions Of Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

Now in this list, I have added a few of the best places that can help you explore the beauty of Jibhi. However, based on the number of days you can choose to add these places in your itinerary. I would recommend at least 3 days for Jibhi and 2 days for commuting from your place (considering you are travelling 1000km max on one side), which makes it a 5-day trip. Now let’s take a look at the places to explore in Jibhi.

1. Jibhi Waterfall

Jibhi Waterfall

Unlike every other hilly area, Jibhi too has a waterfall that can fill your ear with its melody. To reach the waterfall, every traveler has to cross the dense forest which is not as hard as it might sound.

This is a great place for all the peace seekers. A bridge near the waterfall is ideal for crossing the high water flow. The distance and ease make it ideal for every traveller. You can sit at the bridge and listen to nature’s melody. It is also a great photogenic place for your social media accounts.

The Jibhi Waterfall is close to the centre and will not take more than 15-20 mins to reach there. So it’s a no-brainer to witness the waterfall whenever you are in Jibhi. Try starting early as the day passes, people might take the ideal spots at the waterfall.

2. Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is the highest point accessible through roads in Jibhi which offers a great 360-degree view of the Himalayan ranges. From the Jibhi market, Jalori Pass is 15 km in distance. However, to reach there local taxis and bikes on rent are available. Based on your budget you can choose any of the options. The route is not easy, it is a steep and single-lane road. So, if you are not experienced, prefer to choose taxis for your safety.

The pass has many small dhabas/ places to eat that will offer great Himalayan cuisines and Maggi as a necessity.

3. Serolsar Lake

Serolsar Lake, Jibhi

Next up on the list is Serolsar Lake. This beautiful lake not only is an attraction for travellers but is also considered holy by the locals and has a temple beside the lake. Being covered with tall oak trees, there are no leaves on the surface of the lake. It is said that two sparrows (Aabu) around the lake take out the leaves as soon as they fall and keep the lake clean. This amazing fact has helped strengthen the beliefs of locals as well as travellers across the nation.

To reach Serolsar Lake, you will have to trek from Jalori Pass. However, the trek is simple and can be easily covered within 4 hours. The 5 Km long trek takes you through the beautiful forest region and untouched lands of Himachal Pradesh. Once you are at the top, there are multiple local food stalls to experience the great local cuisine with scenery.

Along with the lake, there is a Budhi Nagin Temple which is believed to be the mother of 60 Nag Devtas (Gods). The trek would take your daytime and if you are planning to visit the Raghupur Fort, then I would recommend you to stay at the tent site at Jalori Pass.

Know more about Raghupur Fort in the next point👇🏻.

4. Raghupur Fort

Jibhi View

Raghupur Fort is another great destination filled with adventure. The trek to the top starts from Jalori Pass, roughly around 5 Km. The hilltop view from the fort is what every adventure seeker craves in life. You can spend the night at the top as there are many stay options available.

However, I would recommend you decide and plan your stay as the weather can change anytime and for safety it is better to be prepared in advance. The trek is not easy as compared to the Serolsar Lake trek. Raghupur Fort is the highest point to trek in Jibhi, so be prepared if you are planning for the trek.

5. Gushaini Village


Another gem in Jibhi is this beautiful offbeat village. Gushaini offers a great peaceful getaway with multiple adventure options. The architecture and the lush green endless landscape are the views to witness once in a lifetime.

There are a few other attractions in the village that will stun every traveller including the hidden waterfall which only the villagers know. With bare minimum footfall, you can enjoy your time in nature before returning to your hometowns.

These were some of the ideal places that you can visit in Jibhi and make your trip adventure-filled. However, to help you more with your trip planning. Below I have shared a brief on how you can reach Jibhi from Delhi.

How to reach Jibhi from Delhi by bus?

Jibhi is situated in Tirthan Valley. To reach Jibhi there is no direct route. The best way to reach would be taking an overnight bus from Delhi to the Aut Tunnel. All the buses towards Manali can be taken as Aut Tunnel is a recognised stop.

Once you are at the Aut Tunnel, you can either choose to go by local bus or taxi. However, the charges are just double when comparing the bus and taxi. When we took the trip, it cost us 500 rupees to reach Banjaar. Buses have a fixed schedule, so plan if you prefer to take the local bus as your commute option.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to witness the beauty of Jibhi would be from April to June and mid-August to November. Though based on your preferences you can choose to visit and explore the beauty. I would not recommend you plan during the rainy season as it can increase the risk of travelling.

Jibhi is also known as small Chikmagalur, as the weather is unpredictable and it can rain at any time.

Travel Tips

Here are a few travel tips that you can consider while making your itinerary and budget.

Stay- there are multiple stay options in the main city area. Prices stay between 700-2000, and you can choose the stays based on your budget. The price fluctuates considering the footfall and demand. So always book the stay in advance. If you need assistance finding a stay in Jibhi, you can DM me on Instagram.

Travel Expense- To make your trip budget-friendly, travel by local buses. Most of your travel around Jibhi would take 50-60 rupees. While on the other hand, the taxis would charge 500 minimum.

For Jalori Pass, buses are not available. In that case, you can opt to rent a bike as a cheaper option.

Concluding the list of places in Jibhi

Local Cuisine of Himachal Pradesh

Jibhi, the paradise for peace seekers. It is the best that I can define about the place. When I visited Jibhi for the first time, it was so blissful that I could not believe that a place like this existed. Humans have reached majorly at every hill station in large numbers, but Jibhi is heaven and untouched. By now (2024), the footfall has increased but still is a better option than the crowded hill stations. With everything to offer, it can never be a one-time visit place.

I hope that with this blog my words did justice to Jibhi and helped you with all the necessary information about Jibhi. If I have left anything, please let me know and don’t forget to share your memories of Jibhi.

Also, check out the travel section of my blog, to have a brief idea about various travel destinations in India. Thanks for reading!